Welcome 2016-17

Welcome to the Diamond Pandas!

Our first week flew by!  Here are a few pictures from all the fun we had in and out of the class.

 Enjoying snack with old friends

Stories are always so much fun when friends read to us!

Snack time!

More snack time!

Meeting Coach Bill during our visit to PE

Moving around with Ms. Julie during music

Legos and Piggie & Gerald

Two reading partners reviewing their Piggie and Gerald book

Our first attempt at making a tower with 12 Lego pieces 

How can we make them all the same height?

Concert Rehearsals!!!  We are sitting to the right, the risers are a little curved so pick the best stop so you can see your child!

Working hard on our posters that promote being green!

Two friends practicing fluency in front of the entire class

There are 5 turtles in the pond and 100 strawberries.  How many strawberries does each turtle get so they each get the same amount?

Quiz Quiz Trade - teaching each other vocabulary from our unit
air pollution, being green, reuse, recycle, impact,  and environment are just a few

Turtle pond and t-shirts

Examples and Meanings of our new unit words

We worked in groups of three to write our own definition of the word.

Then we had to take our definition and find the Meaning and Example that matched it!

Our Extinct Animals book that we LOVE LOVE LOVE

One of the first steps of making our t-shirt bags

We even reused the scraps from the shirts to make cool hats, eye patches and ninja scarves!

Taking a moment to visit the turtles and paint pictures for mom!